Here we go, as promised, I’ll tell you about a beautifull birdpark called Walsrode situated in a village called Walsrode in Germany.  Perhaps you think what is a birdpark doing in a gardening blog, well it is a birdpark in a beautifull garden. We have been there several times in the past and we will go there again and again and again because it is so beautifull. We allways go in Spring so there are loads of bulbflowers and rododendrons to see, if you go later you have the roses and other flowers and shrubs in bloom ofcourse. The park is huge so we go there for two days otherwise you can’t see everything. There are loads of pubs and restaurants all over the place so you won’t go hungry or thirsty, for the kids there are several play area’s.

Here are some pictures. If you click on the pictures you get a bigger picture.


Well this is it, I hope you enjoyed our tour through Walsrode.


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