The sunflower, I think  is the most painted flower in Europe. Almost everyone with a garden has a few sunflowers growing somewhere as they are so easy to grow, you put a sunflowerseed in the soil and up she goes, looking for the sun. Many sunflowers grow where  a bird dropped a seed. Here in Belgium we all like to feed the birds, we give them mixed seeds and there are always sunflowerseeds in it. We also give them fatball’s, a ball made of vegetable fat mixed with seeds, the birds just love them !So often they drop a seed as they are always fighting for them and so you see sunflowers in the strangest places.

What I find so fascinating about sunflowers is that they always turn their heads toward the sun, if there is no sun they let their heads hang as if they are sad. But when the sun shines they just look brilliant.

I love to photograph them, so here are a few pics for you to see.

In France, Spain and Italy they have huge fields full of sunflowers, they use them to produce sunfloweroil. Especially in France those sunflowerfields look spectacular in combination with the lavenderfields who are used for the perfume industrie, so if you ever want to visit France, I sugest you go to the south (Provence)  in June to see the sunflowers and the lavender . You certainly won’t regret it !