Because of the rainy weather we have been having lately I haven’t been able to take some pics in my garden so I’m going to tell you about a vist to a dahlia showgarden we went too last year.

I like dahlia’s a lot, some people find them old fashioned but I think you can make some really nice bouquet’s with them or even use them in ikebana pieces. You have tiny one’s, big one’s, blousy one’s, you have soft pastel colours, all sorts of forms, short bushes, high bushes, you name it. Oh yes, and they do fine in a pot as well.

Normally they can’t stand frost, at least that is what the package says when you buy dahlia bulbs but they are pretty though you know. I don’t remove them for Winter and usually it goes well and they appear every year in Spring but this Winter was so extreme (-18 C° for several days) that I lost some of them but not all so for next Winter I intend to give them some cover.We used to be a zone 8 country but the past few winters made us a zone 7 !!!

So here we go !

When you see all these beauties how can you not love them hey ???!!!

Todays weatherforcast is 19 C° and dry.


7 thoughts on “ABOUT DAHLIA’S

  1. They really are magnificent flowers. I just love the range of colours you can get now. You showed a great selection in your photos today. I only grow a few every year but I’ve had no luck getting them through out wet season here in the tropics.

    • Yes, the flowers get ugly when they get poring rain but the more flowers you remove, the more new flowers you get.
      As you live in the tropics you can grow sooooo many awesome flowers we can only dream off !!!!

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