Yesterday I went to a gardencenter and I bought a few plants, one of them is called “peperomia carperata rosso”. I tried to look for instructions on the internet but all I could find so far is in Spanish. I learned it was a succulent ??!! I read somewhere it could take a lot of shade but the label says “light location”, it needs urgent repotting but I don’t know what soil I can use, if it is really a succulent then I could use succulent soil ofcourse but I’m not sure it is a succulent. I do whish labels on plants would give more information !!! Can anyone help me please ?

Here are a few pictures of the plant.



Have a great day all and enjoy your garden !


36 thoughts on “A NEW PLANT

  1. Lovely plant but I don’t know the answer, but found this entry on the RHS website https://www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/20612/Peperomia-caperata-Luna-Red/Details?returnurl=%2fplants%2fsearch-results%3fform-mode%3dtrue%26context%3dl%253den%2526q%253dpeperomia%2526sl%253dplantForm%26query%3dpeperomia%26aliaspath%3d%252fplants%252fsearch-results

    Bit of a link to say the least but if you can copy and paste all the text it might come up. They call it a ‘Radiator plant’… 🙂

  2. I would like to Help!! but You already got your answers about the Plant, SO, my help is different! If you ever find directions or whatever in a different Language? just go to Google Translator and type in the directions then translate….It has a Gazillion different languages! you may also copy and paste if you see something in a different language…then you don’t even have to type it in! OH and you can impress your friends! just type what you want to say in English…translate…then copy and paste the translation!! WOW!! LOL (just for fun!)I hope that this is helpful with future plants!
    Diolch i chi am stopio yn fy blog! I Love eich cwmni!

    • thanks ! I know that now,but I find this plant is a bit difficult to keep it seems,as I am used to cacti and succulents I don’t water it enough, even though it is more or less a succulent itself it does nees quite a bit of water

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  4. Beautiful plant! I hope you are able to grow it okay.

    Hey, thank you so much for checking out my blog and for listing it here. I was surprised to see my face over there!

    • The new plant is doing fine although it was more difficult than I thought. It needs quite a bit of water and food unlike the other peperomia’s I have. It was a bit of a search to see what the plant liked and what not, you can see when a plant is not happy and then you have to find out why it is not happy and that is not always easy.
      I love your blog ! So I’m a follower.

      • Thanks again!

        And you have inspired me to pay more attention to my plants, do some research and find out what they like if they are not responding well.

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