We have been having terribly hot weather ! All of a sudden we had 36 C° and we are not used to that, neither are the plants and tree’s in my garden so they suffered sunburn. It was only for a couple of days, today was a lot cooler, 23 C° and as of Saturday we’ll get real Belgian weather again ; rain and temps below 20 C°.


I was busy watering my plants, especially the one’s in pots in the garden, this was a job for the evening when it was bearable to come outside. During the day I stayed in the shade and did some repotting of my indoor cacti and succulents, most of them needed a bigger pot. I would have loved going to the beach but everyone wanted to go to the beach so there were long qeue’s on the roads to the coast so we decided to stay at home. I was tempted to jump in the pond though but then I would not ever get out of it again unless someone came with heavy material to lift me up. The slopes of the pond are very  slippery .

Today we had our beech hedges trimmed, our garden looks so much better now ! I took some pics to show you.

And a few pics of my outside succulents.


Have a great day ! And enjoy your garden !

8 thoughts on “THIS AND THAT

    • Puppy is an old lady, 12,5 years old but she still loves to run arround in the garden, looking under bushes and plants for mice, hiding her treats for “later”, she loves it so much to be outside in the garden and sunbathing ! When she feels hot she comes back inside and looks for a cold floor to cool down….she has a real dog’s life !

    • I can well imagine that when you have very hot and dry weather for a long time you long for cooler and wet weather, a rainy day is not so nice as a sunny day but we can’t live without water, can we ? And our plants need the rain as much as they need the sun to grow.

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