The leafs of my amelanchier are becoming redder every day, but my tree is getting balder, as you can see. It makes me really sad especially now that it started to rain  and as of tomorrow the temperature will drop signigficantly.

I hope you all have a fun halloween !

Don’t forget to enjoy your garden  when you still can !

7 thoughts on “SO SAD

  1. I know it s sad seeing the leaves turning red, but think about it, next year they’re gonna be back stronger than before waiting for us to love them and be ready for the new beginning.

    • Thanks for your comment. I know the leafs will be back and the bare tree is beautifull also but I hate Winter cos it is a long Winter over here and the past 3 Winters were extremely cold !

      • Wow, I guess you are right about that, specially if your winters are that cold, I know I like cold winters, but let’s be realistic here, hah that cold yeah, it is cold oops I’m almost feeling cold right now, blessings!

  2. Such a bittersweet time of year: fall beauty signifying the end of summer, the imminence of leafless, dark silhouettes of trees and months of frozen, lifeless winter scenery.

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