27nov2012succ 004

Why do plants seldom get the right  and complete name tag ? This really annoys me !

Years ago I bought this “succulent” it said on the label, so I gave it sandy and well draining soil and gave it a light and warm place in my livingroom, I can’t say it is thriving but it grows slowly and it looks not too bad.

As I am regularly browsing through other peoples blogs I came across a picture of a plant just like mine (the one you can see above) and someone called it “mistletoe cactus”, I knew my plant was a rhipsalis but there are so many sub species ! So I did some googling and I was even more confused, I found several pictures of my rhipsalis plant all with other names ! And I read that you have to put it in bark like an orchid, not in soil. Does any of you have experience with this plant ? So far it never gave me blooms so it is even more difficult to identify!

So I want to ask the people who bring plants on the market, please please give them the complete name tag so that we can care for our plants as we should !

Winter really started over here now, we have had snow and black ice and chaos on the roads and more misery is on the way as they expect a huge snowstorm for tonight. Move over Winter and give me SPRING  !!!!!

For all of you who are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, enjoy your garden ! For all the others who are in the middle of Winter, keep safe and enjoy your plants inside !

Thanks for stopping by !