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Why do plants seldom get the right  and complete name tag ? This really annoys me !

Years ago I bought this “succulent” it said on the label, so I gave it sandy and well draining soil and gave it a light and warm place in my livingroom, I can’t say it is thriving but it grows slowly and it looks not too bad.

As I am regularly browsing through other peoples blogs I came across a picture of a plant just like mine (the one you can see above) and someone called it “mistletoe cactus”, I knew my plant was a rhipsalis but there are so many sub species ! So I did some googling and I was even more confused, I found several pictures of my rhipsalis plant all with other names ! And I read that you have to put it in bark like an orchid, not in soil. Does any of you have experience with this plant ? So far it never gave me blooms so it is even more difficult to identify!

So I want to ask the people who bring plants on the market, please please give them the complete name tag so that we can care for our plants as we should !

Winter really started over here now, we have had snow and black ice and chaos on the roads and more misery is on the way as they expect a huge snowstorm for tonight. Move over Winter and give me SPRING  !!!!!

For all of you who are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, enjoy your garden ! For all the others who are in the middle of Winter, keep safe and enjoy your plants inside !

Thanks for stopping by !

12 thoughts on “WHO KNOWS THE RIGHT NAME ?

      • Haha, thanks. I really should try harder! I’m planning to move to somewhere with a backyard next year (currently, I’m living in a condo with a small balcony that can only hold one pot) so I can do more planting! Wish me luck! 🙂

      • Good luck !! You are going to love your back yard ! and before you know it you’ll have a green thumb. Family, friends and neighbours will be happy to give you all sorts of plants for inside and outside, you just have to ask them, when you have a garden you always have too many plants as they grow and grow and multiply !

  1. I love your posts, they are always so cool, lovely plants, lovely nature, lovely garden, beautiful.
    And it’s true, let’s enjoy our plants indoors during the winter. We have a beautiful vine that my mother in law got before she passed away, the plant was dry and almost dying and after she passed away the vine revived. Now it’s beautiful and strong. It’s almost as if she was taking care of it from above. I don’t know I just wanted to share this. I promise to take pictures of the vine and post them soon. Blessings and thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. Hi, its Rhipsalis baccifera. It should flower every year (for quite a long time) if it gets enough light. The flowers are small and creamy white. This species grows in normal potting compost plus extra grit ot perlite and is the most cold tolerant of all the species in my experience. I hurriedly commented this morning using my Blackberry but probably didn’t post it properly; I couldn’t remember the name then anyway!

    • Thanks for you comments, I tried to answer your first comment yesterday but I couldn’t send it, it kept saying “error”; at last I have a name for my plant, thanks !
      If you say it is rather cold tolerant then I want to try and put it outside next Spring after the frosts.
      Snow here ! I hate it !

      Have a nice weekend !

      • It would be fine although outside it would prefer a little shade.

        Incidentally the press over here are talking about a “Beast From The East” cold snap with minus 15 C temperatures (-30 with wind chill). is that what you have got or are you expecting worse?! I haven’t got round to lining my greenhouses yet!

      • OMG -15 !!!! Yesterday evening our weatherforcasters scared us by telling us there was a huge snowstorm on the way but all in all it was a lot better then expected, we had snow and the roads were slippery and there were lots of traffic jams but no storm, thank god ! Tonight frost down to -5 and tomorrow temps down to -1 during the day, what with all the melted snow will give black ice so I think I’ll stay in, warm and cozy !
        I think you have work tomorrow in your greenhouse !
        Keep WARM !!!

    • I think they call it mistletoe cactus cos after flowering it gets white berries like the mistletoe.
      Glad to hear your aloe is stil doing fine before you now it you’ll have green fingers !

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