I am so pleased life is finally back to normal !  I can start looking forward to Spring now, however…. Winter has yet to come. We’ve had lots and lots of rain, grey sky’s and soft temperatures  (arround 10-12 C°) so many plants and shrubs are budding.

6012013 013


6012013 015

BUDDLEJA BUDS (butterfly bush)

6012013 017


6012013 018


BUT…now they are predicting snow and ice for next weekend !!! The rhododendron and the climbing hydrangea will be ok but I fear for the budleja buds and for the clematis buds as well as for my tiny figs who are already on my fig tree….ofcourse we knew Winter was coming sooner or later but my plants didn’t, they think it is Spring already !

I so want to start working in the garden, I had the builders in and they made a nice terrace in the garden and they paved all the gardenpath’s who were made of gravel but were a lot of work to keep weed free, I also have a new garden next to the big terrace close to my house which is full of weeds at the moment, I had hoped my husband would have cleared that piece of garden and had it ready to plant in Autumn but he was too busy with his birds so now it will have to wait till Spring.

4 thoughts on “NEW GROWTH

    • yes, I know boiling water kill’s weeds but the garden path and siting area was rather huge but I had an operation in Summer and I couldn’t work in the garden for month’s so the weeds took over…..

  1. hi there, thanks for ‘liking’ my blogs, i am very new at this and have to work out how this all works, i was born in the netherlands, so i know how cold it can be :), we have summer now…lol

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