I want to introduce you to 4 of my cuties. I received some gifts for New Year and I couldn’t find a place for them in my cupboards so I thought ; why not use it as decoration so I had a bit of a think and came up with this ; a decoration for my dining table.

09012013 cacti 001

09012013 cacti 006

09012013 cacti 009

09012013 cacti 012

09012013 cacti 010

09012013 cacti 009

In Spring I am going to repot them but for now I think they are happy, they get lots of light and sun if she shines but that is not very often in Winter here. In Spring I will buy 4 new little plants to fill these little black pots.

Have a great day all !!! And for those who have Summer at the moment : enjoy your garden as much as you can !!!

Thanks for stopping by !

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