We have ice rain today, it’s horrible !!! Everything is covered in a layer of ice which makes the roads dangerously slippery. I have to collect my grandchildren from nursery soon, the biggest problem is that my driveway goes down to the road when I leave, I hope my car doesn’t slide down !!! I hate Winter !!!!! And I so want to start working in the garden !!!!

14022013ijsregen 003

6 thoughts on “ICE RAIN

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  2. It is terrible, we have only had it once in the last twenty years thankfully. Spring will soon be here (hopefully!). We had a mild day today with a lot of sunshine although we had a couple of weeks of really cold winds before that. There are buds on the cherries.

    • our weatherforcast is not so good for the next 2 weeks, frost during the night, rain during the days, so slippery roads in the morning and at night….no Spring for us real soon ! ugh !

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