This is the first sunny day we’ve had this year, it’s 9 C° but it is cold cos of an easterly wind but behind the windows it is warm, this feels soooooo good !!! It is only for a couple of days but I intend to enjoy every minute of it ! I want to start sowing in the greenhouse, of course only things that can stand a bit of frost cos my greenhouse has no heating (yet), for the first time this ear the automatic window openers opened the windows ! At the moment all my pots with succulents are in there to protect them from the rain and they have done well this Winter, they are looking good.

I took a few pictures of my indoor plants who are sunbathing and enjoying it !

04032013eerste zon 011


04032013eerste zon 013

04032013eerste zon 015

04032013eerste zon 019

04032013eerste zon 023

04032013eerste zon 024


Have a great Spring !

26 thoughts on “FINALLY !!!

    • I often feel sorry for them you know cos I can’t really give them what they need but I try to do my best so they are never too hot or too dry and I hope they can feel that I love them.
      Thanks for stopping by and for the like !

  1. It’s exciting when those first spring teaser days come so you know it can’t be far off. Your indoor plants do look happy.

    • Today was an even better day, it was about 15 C° ! And the wind came from the South so it felt warmer, the birds are starting to sing…so yeah we are heading in the right direction !

  2. They are beautifull! I hope some day I will have space for as many plants as you! I especially love succulents, too. Thanks for liking my post!

    • Jades are one of the most easy plants to look after as are most cacti and succulents, you can only kill them by giving them too much water. Use ordinary potting compost mixed with grit or sharp sand , not all cacti and succulents like full sun, the jades like dappled shade or a little sun, if you repot the plants every year you don’t have to feed them, if you don’t feed them use just very little fertilizer; Jades are very easy to propagade, brake off a leaf and put it in compost and voilà you ‘ll get a new plant, you can also use a piece of the plant that fell off by accident, remove the lower leafs and put in potting compost. Good luck with them !!!

      • Thank you for the info. I have many succulents, but for some reason, and I think I know why now, the jade dies. The leaves fall off and I believe it is due to over watering. I sometimes have an issue with my plants and the location I have them. I have an aloe in my kitchen on the counter located above the dishwasher which I think has a minor mold problem and I desperately need to relocate and finish correcting the soil to save the plant. I think that area is just too humid from the steam of the dishwasher not allowing the soil to dry out, but the funny thing is, the aloe withers so I water. I am planning a new place for it today.
        As for the jade, I have had it about two weeks and watered twice with little water. I haven’t repotted as of yet and so far so good. But isn’t that the way it usually goes? I can grow most any plant and most thrive, but some plants I kill. I will be watering this a lot less than most. I have the soil that I use for my other succulents to use when I give it it’s new home.
        I will try my hand with propagating. Thanks again!

      • the steam of the dishwasher is probably too hot and too humid ! you can buy ready made succulent compost in the shops but ordinary soil with grit and or sand is good too

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