I bought 2 new plant racks for my cacti and succulents and personally I love the result and….I can put more plants on the new racks !

04032013eerste zon 011

Before I had the racks I used these little black tables

02042013plantenrek 032

02042013plantenrek 034

02042013plantenrek 035

02042013plantenrek 036

02042013plantenrek 037

Easter weekend was COLD but sunny, we still have  frost every night, the pond is still covered under a thick layer of ice and I have no  Spring blooms in the garden except for a few tête à tête narcissus I bought in the shop already in bloom, I planted them a few weeks back and they had snow and very low temperatures and they are still looking happy as Larry, they are so incredibly though !!!!!The forcast for the next 2 weeks is about the same, a very cold north-easterly wind and night frosts !! Is this Winter ever going to end ????


Have a great day all and thanks for stopping by !

15 thoughts on “BEFORE AND AFTER

    • I haven’t got a clue ! I have my blog on and I am also on Blotanical and I click whatever seems interesting to me, I’ve learned a lot going trough other people’s blogs ! I started with reading blogs of others and then about a year later I decided I would like a blog of my own…

  1. Hi gwennie! I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, but I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. I posted questions on my blog. This is kind of new for me, so I apologize if it’s hard to navigate. Cheers and have a great weekend!

  2. They all look very impressive and well grown.

    On the subject of the weather the UK forecasters are now predicting milder weather coming in over the weekend – which would great if it wasn’t exactly what they said last week and it never happened. I wanted to make an earlier start gardening this year as I haven’t done any wildlife conservation work this winter – I don’t think it is going to happen!

    • Here too the preciction for the weather is a bit milder but a lot wetter, we can do with the rain though as the cold strong wind dried everything out, we have sandy soil that dries easily.
      What is it that you do for wildlife conservation ?

      • Woodland and downland management (coppicing and scrub clearing etc.), mainly during the Autumn and Winter. This year is the first full season I have missed since 1990. These days I seem to have more going on and find it difficult coping with a lot of extra activities – perhaps I am getting old!

  3. Aw man, this is awesome! Once we plant roots somewhere (meaning, get out of the military), I hope to have a collection like this. 🙂

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