How You Can Help Migrating & Breeding Birds


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Press Release from American Bird Conservancy

Migrating and Breeding Birds Need Your Help

Ten Ways You Can Protect Birds This Spring

(Washington, D.C., April 9, 2013) As temperatures start to climb, birds begin their annual spring migration and also begin breeding.  American Bird Conservancy (ABC) often gets asked, particularly during the spring, “How can I help the birds?” Here are the top ten things ABC recommends people do to aid or protect birds in their homes and yards.

According to Dr. George Fenwick, President of ABC, “Birds need help now more than ever. In addition to the ongoing threat of loss of habitat, staggering numbers of birds are directly killed due to a number of other human-related causes. Scientists estimate that 300 million to one billion birds die each year from collisions with buildings. Up to 50 million die from encounters with communication towers. Studies suggest that up to six…

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