Yellow and blue, my 2 favorite colours ! As the temperatures have gone up, slowly but surely, more and more flowers have appeared. I still have snowdrops blooming in the pond area , it is mid April !!! But finally the narcissus are in flower, I just love those little bright yellow flowers ! Last year I decided to plant Chionodoxa, a small bulb with pretty blue flowers to go with the yellow narcis tête à tête and they look like a match made in heaven ! I also have blue hyacinths, they come back year after year after year, they live at the foot of my fig tree and they seem to love it there.

14042013blue 001

14042013blue 002


14042013blue 008


14042013blue 007


As I was walking through my garden this morning I noticed some frog spawn in the pond!!! So we are going to have baby frogs ! We always have lots of frogs in the garden and I like it, they eat a lot of snails and  insects so I should say ; the more the merrier ! It is fun to see the egg’s grow and turn into little frogs.

Today our weather forcaster promised us 23 C°, it is now almost noon and it is about 15 C° with   a dark grey sky, so if we want to reach that 23 C° the sun must come out of hiding ! People are all very excited over here as it will be the first nice warm day of the year, many rushed to the seaside to catch that first sun and others ran to their butcher as they planned their first barbecue ! I did neither as I want to do some work in the garden.

I hope there are lots more sunny days to come !!!!!!

I hope you all have a great and sunny weekend  !!!!

12 thoughts on “YELLOW AND BLUE

  1. Daffodils and hyacinths are always a stunning combo.

    In our warm
    climate, I tend to plant orange and blue together and yellow with purple for greater contrasts under a hot sun.

  2. love your tete-a-tete daffodils. they are the cutest. and nice idea to pair them with the blue bulbs. I’ve noticed them (tete a tete) a lot recently in the UK… meanwhile I still have the regular size King Alfred, but you’ve inspired me to get some ‘mini’ ones for next year 😉

    • They really are a great hit over here and so easy ! They come back year after year and they self seed !!! So in a few years time you get lots and lots of them, they don’t mind wind or rain or even snow !

  3. It didn’t rain today, that was something already, never mind the summer temperatures people were talking about. Maybe they were a bit delirious?
    I especially like blue flowers and have accepted that they need some yellow ones to set them off. 🙂

  4. Well done with the frog spawn. The frogs laid in my wildlife pond at the very beginning of March when we had the brief mild spell and have since got killed off by the very cold weather – the same thing happened last year and I had meant to make my pond deeper; I really must this year as it looks like these extreme cold spells are going to get more common!

    23C, even if only a promise is quite exciting! Over here there was a possibility of 20C in the London area but everywhere else in middle to high teens. I must confess I run out of steam mid-afternoon and came in – I obviously need to get into training! I hope you have a warm (and dry!) week.

    • Oh no, no dry and warm week ahead ! Tomorrow it will be 15 C° and grey with showers here and there but today was lovely, we didn’t get the 23 C° but it was warm enough to have lunch and dinner in the garden, I love eating outside with a view of the garden, the birds were singing very loud and they were very busy looking for stuff to make their nests.

  5. Glad to hear that it’s warming for you — and as much as l love your blooms, I also have to comment on the pottery in one of the photos. Really beautiful shapes and the moss looks great on them!

    • thanks ! moss ,we have plenty of that cos of all the rain, the cold and the grey skies ! But things are on the up now !, it is now 15.34 and the sun is still in hiding so we won’t get the promised 23 C° but it was lovely to work in the garden again !

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