Beautiful as always ! My amelanchier in bloom at last, 4 weeks later than usual ! This tree is about 30 years old, we have trimmed it a lot over the years. normally it is a bush but you can easily make a tree of it by cutting the lower branches off. It has never been in bloom so late in Spring, always at the 1st of April and occasionally a few days later but never 4 weeks late ! If you look at my blog I did 4 days ago you can see what the sun did in just 4 days time !

24042013krent in bloei 006

24042013krent in bloei 002

24042013krent in bloei 004


We had 2 lovely Spring days with temperatures above 20 C°, we had lunch and dinner in the garden. Alas, today is cold and wet, 8 C° !!!! Can you believe this ??!!!! We needed the rain so I am pleased with it as the soil in the garden was so  terribly dry.  And my water barrels are now full again !The weekend will be cold and wet too so no gardening for me except for some jobs in the greenhouse.

I hope you’ll all have a great sunny and warm weekend full of fun in the garden !!!

2 thoughts on “TOO LATE BUT…

  1. It is Autumn in Australia and a perfect time to redesign parts of the garden. I have been busy taking out and splitting up clumps of plants that have gone viral with all the rain we have had this summer. Love the beautiful spring colours

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