At last it is raining !!! Normally we get too much but now I welcome it with open arms, my garden looks like a sandpit !!! It is cold though and windy, in my greenhouse it is only 13 C° !! I just took all the plants that were still in the greenhouse and put them outside in the rain for a shower. We had a few nice days this week and it were holidays so I finally managed to get some work done in the garden, my husband did the pond and removed a HUGE amount of water plants so our koi can swim again. The water had been too cold to work in, normally it is a job for a sunny day in April. Everything is finally starting to become green, I love that fresh new green, especially when the sun is shining.



12augustus2012avondzon 012

The vegetables in the greenhouse are growing fast now, this week we ate fresh green salad for the first time this year and I have tiny bunches of grapes for the first time !! Exciting !!! I wonder if we can ever eat them.

Today I intend to give my houseplants a bit of tlc and I still have cacti and succulents that need new soil and bigger pots.

04032013eerste zon 023

Have a great weekend all and enjoy your garden and balcony’s ! Thanks for stopping by !