From Dijon we headed South to a place called Pérouges, a place near Lyon. It was absolutely beautiful !

Our first day there was spent in a birdpark nearby, the weather was a bit better than it was in Dijon, but not as good as we had hoped, the temperature was about 18 C but the wind was really cold, nevertheless we had a beautiful day and we saw thousands of birds so my husband was very happy.

I’ll let  the pictures speak for themselves.

20131809lyonvogels 017

20131809lyonvogels 007

20131809lyonvogels 009



20131809lyonvogels 016

20131809lyonvogels 029

20131809lyonvogels 043

20131809lyonvogels 045

20131809lyonvogels 048

20131809lyonvogels 062

20131809lyonvogels 078

20131809lyonvogels 105

20131809lyonvogels 125

20131809lyonvogels 146

20131809lyonvogels 168

20131809lyonvogels 18820131809lyonvogels 183

20131809lyonvogels 195

20131809lyonvogels 205

20131809lyonvogels 201

In my next post I’ll show you the medieval town of Pérouges.


Enjoy your garden and thanks for stopping by !


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