1. Here in New England I like to think that the winter lets you see the bones of your garden – the shapes that all the foliage ends up obscuring. It’s snowy here today, quite lovely once the shoveling is all done!

    • It makes the world look like a fairy tale, I agree but personally I am not so keen on it as it causes all sort of problems….it’s ok when you are at home snuggeling up behind the fireplace with a cup of tea or hot choclate…..

      • I agree, it’s good for a stroll or cross country ski but for every day chores it can get complicated sometimes.
        Nevertheless it’s change, which is very refreshing, the miracle of seasons is constant renewal…
        I wish you a easy & pleasant winter 🙂

      • Thanks, the last 5 Winters or so were really bad with lots of snow (which we are not used too) and freezing temps down to -20 C° !!!! that is not normal for Belgium but the weather is changing all over the world and I may not complain if I see what the weather is doing in other parts of the world with floods, temp of + 50 C°, hurricanes etc….I wish you a beautiful Winter and all !

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