20132512kerst 076

Believe it or not but this picture was taken only a few days ago, this is a pelargonium on my windowsill outside the house, it is still in bloom in January, this never happened before !!! So far our Winter was soft, very soft with only a few night frosts ( the pictures of my garden under the snow are from last year, I only used them to create a Wintery scene as it is Winter after all !!) the day temperatures are arround 10 C° which is 10 C °too high for January.  We do get a LOT of rain and stormy winds, I am not complaining though as I prefer rain above cold, ice and snow any time !!!

Take care and keep warm or cool, depends on where you live at the moment ! Thanks for stopping by !

6 thoughts on “BELIEVE IT OR NOT

  1. Hi, we haven’t any exceptionally hard frosts so far this winter either but I notice a few spare succulents planted in a border by the patio finally succumbed on Tuesday night!

    When it comes to rain it is a different story: we are breaking records for wet weather in the UK this winter and there is more heavy rain coming tomorrow and even worse on Sunday!

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