As the sun was shining yesterday I went out in the garden and I found my euphorbia alive and kicking, normally it looks horrible in Winter but this year it looks really good and the buds look promising too ! This plant stays green in Winter, therefore it is tender and not happy with severe frost, it doesn’t die but it struggles, now this year we have had only a few minor night frosts, I was pleasantly surprised when I found it ! It brought a big smile to my face !

20141102lente 004


Have a great week all ! And thanks for stopping by !

6 thoughts on “Euphorbia

  1. wow. your garden is already kicking off in full force, as odie would say. incredible to see how lovely your living things are once again. even in the winter. you’ve given them such a wonderful haven to thrive in. we don’t get to comment enough and every time we try to press the like button for a quick hello wordpress always asks for pass codes and sign ins… So just know that we do visit often and love everything you’re doing,even if we aren’t all up in your ivy about it. 🙂
    o and om

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