When I dig up my bulbs for Winter I wrap them in a few sheets of newspaper, when I took a peek yesterday I found this begonia with sprouts ! I am going to give it fresh soil and a big pot so it can grow again, I’ll have to protect it from the rain and the cold for the time being, so it will have to stay inside in a cool place.

20140217tuin 008

Still no sign of Winter here for the next fortnight, shall we get away with it ???

Have a great week all !

21 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND

    • It is always good to see sprouting ofcourse ! But here in Belgium we haven’t had Winter this year, this never happened before ! So we are all wondering if it is yet to come or not, hopefully not as a lot of plant will be damaged then as everything is comming up and we even have blooms !!!

  1. First I was trying to figure out what kind of animal that was. 🙂

    We saw a toad last night. I fear a March cold snap as spring seems to be underway, the birds are singing morning and evening.

    • Thank you ! But that is not all, I still have pelargoniums in bloom outside on my windowsill and the fuchsia’s ,who normally spent Winter inside, are getting new growth , I just hope King Winter is planning a late surprise !!!

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