It is with great sorrow that I have to tell you that my little garden helper died this week of a heart attack, she was 14 years old and  not so well for quite a bit but she leaves a big gap in my heart, in my house and in my garden, she was a good dog ! I hope she is very happy where she is now !




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37 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. That’s very sad news. She obviously was a very lucky pet to have spent her time with someone who loved her very much. That is the way I think of my cat Chickenlittle who died two years ago; she was 18 years old and lived with us her entire life. In everyway she was family. We are also the very lucky ones who have had the good fortune to share our lives with such wonderful and gentle creatures. This is what life is really about. Take care and pet Aila for me.


  2. It felt strange to click “Like,” but I wanted to let you know that I’m sending a hug to you. I know this is a difficult time — but I hope that you’ll find comfort in your cherished memories.

    • thank you for your kind comment, I know I am blessed cos I had her for 14 years and she wasn’t very healty anymore but never the less, there is an “emptyness”, I am so glad I have adopted Ozzy a while ago, I found him on the internet by accident and I felt sorry for him so I decided to let him come to our home and I haven’t regret it ! he makes it more bearable cos he needs me as well. he is a Spanish street dog who never had a home….

    • that is very sweet of you ! thanks, you probably know how I feel right now, but I do have Ozzy, I adopted him cos he had no home and an awfull life, he is soooo sweet, he makes it more bearable !

  3. I cannot put a ‘like’ to this sad post but I am with you in your sorrow. I have lost beloved pets over the years and I do know how it hurts, but their wonderful memories remain with us forever. You were lucky and so was she to be together for all those years.

    • thank you. I’ve had several dogs dead in the last 5 years or so as I adopted a few oldies but Aila I’ve had since she was a little pup, I remember when we brought her home, we had a labrador and the labrador was in shock when she saw that little white fuffy “thing” running around, it took her about 2 weeks to get used to it but then they got on very well, he lab was like a mum for Aila so when he lab died Aila missed her a lot ! and now we miss Aila…. but that is life I suppose !

  4. So very sorry to hear you’ve lost your garden companion. We lost our little Jack Russell, Rosie, at 16.5 years old, and it’s still painful even though we have four rescue dogs in our lives now. They are so special to us, aren’t they? Wishing you the very best and sending you big hugs to comfort you in your loss. Take care, Darl.

  5. I am so sorry to hear the news of your little dog. You are right they do leave a big gap in our hearts when they pass away! Fourteen was a good age but I know that doesn’t make it any easier.

  6. This is one sad part every dog lover have to go through…I completely understand your feelings. But remember the joy and love you both shared…and celebrate that. I’m sure that’s what she would want.

    • Oh yes, I know ! and I was happy to have her for so long, I gave her the best life I could and I think she was a happy dog but it is a shock when they die, I know she is in a better place now !

    • I have very nice memories of her, I know I had her for a long time, not many dogs live till the age of 14 but it was a shock although she was not in pain and she went quickly. I know she is in a better place now !

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