Last Summer we went on holiday in the South of France and I found many ripe opuntia fruits on the ground so I took one fruit home with me, cleaned and dried the seeds, about a month ago I covered the seeds with a bit of soil and today the first 2 seedling were visible !! If all goes well many more will follow.

20142403cactuszaailingbis 001


Two years ago I found a few seeds of an opuntia when on holiday in Tunisia, when I wanted to put them in the soil I had just one seed left (my cleaning lady mistook them for dirt and the rest of the seeds ended up in the vacuum cleaner) but it germinated and is now about two years old and 10 centimeters high and it doesn’t look like an opuntia yet, do any of you know how long it takes before the seedlings will look like a real opuntia ?

20142203opuntiatunesie 002

MY TUNISIAN OPUNTIA, it is about 10 cm high after 2 years

Have a great weekend all and enjoy your garden if you can !

update : now we are 1 day later and number tree came up 😛

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