PicPost: Stop Monkeying Around!

unbelievable ! and cute !

Old School Garden

PicPost: Stop Monkeying Around!

The Monkey Orchid (Masdevallia)

Old School Gardener

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15 thoughts on “PicPost: Stop Monkeying Around!

      • I fund this: an orchid called DRACULA SIMIA..!!!!

        It’s not very hard to guess how the Monkey Orchid got its name, but ever since photos of it started circulating on the internet about a year ago, people have had a hard time believing such a flower actually exists.

        As photoshoped as it may look, the Monkey Orchid actually exists, and yes, it really does match the grinning face of a very small monkey. The scientific name of this very rare flower is Dracula simia,

      • plants are interesting, all of them and I love watching documentaries about plants but these days what with photoshop everything is possible isn’t it !?

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