When I was looking at the back wall of my house I saw my Passiflora Caruleum and one of my clematis Etoile Violette holding each other and I thought ; well this looks like a match made in heaven. They are clinging on to each other nicely. Although the passion flower is a vigorous grower it does not suffocate the clematis.

20142206schoolfeest 002


20142206schoolfeest 004

And now the passion flower is getting fruits, when ripe they’ll get a bright orange colour.

20141406tuinduinkk 001

The rose you can see here is a rambler called Francis E. Lester and it has selfseeded in my skimmia White Kew bush , I don’t have the heart to remove it so I keep it small. Don’t they look good together !!!!! Also a match made in heaven if you ask me. Plants are soooooo clever !

Have a great weekend all ! And thanks for stopping by !