We are definitely very close to Autumn, all the signs are there, the leafs are colouring and falling, the fruit is ripe, the spiders, cold nights…..Summer started promising and for a while we had the best weather we could wish but at the end of July it started to cool down a lot and we got loads of rain and thunderstorms who ruined a lot of flowers….alas alas it can not be helped. I took some pictures in my garden yesterday for you to see.

20142108tuin 003

These are the last of my grapes in the greenhouse, I got a lot of grapes this year, they are small but really tasty, the vine is only for the second year in my greenhouse and I am very happy with it !It is called Vitis Muscat bleu.

20142108tuin 007

My passionflower (passiflora caerulea) is doing great, it grows like mad, it still has flower buds, flowers, green fruit and orange ripe fruit. I opened a ripe one up to see what’s inside, well, not a lot, you can’t compare them with the passionfruit you can buy in the shops, but the bit that is inside tastes not bad.

20142108tuin 005

And when these guys are starting to flower well it is definitely Autumn, this is Tricyrtis , also called orchids for the poor as they look like real orchids but are a lot cheaper, at least here in Northern Europe. I’ll try to make more pictures of them when they are in full bloom, they are really pretty and easy plants so I am looking for more of them in different colours.

20142108tuin 009

I love the colour of this dahlia and I hope it will go on flowering for a while, as long as we don’t get frost it will.

Hav e a great weekend and lots of fun in your garden !!!! Thanks for visiting my blog !


    • oh no, not enough to make wine it is just one grapevine in the greenhouse that I have, just so we can go there and pic some grapes, especially the grandkids love that . besides, I can’t drink wine, one soupspoon of wine is already too much !

      • I can imagine the grandkids loving picking the grapes. I remember going into my Dad’s greenhouse in the 1950’s and picking his tomatoes. they taste so delicious I can still remember that tomato taste.

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