When I put my yucca in the garden in May it didn’t look so good, a lot of it’s leafs were dead so I could either trow it away or experiment with it and as I love to experiment I choose to cut off all the leafs and a bit of the trunk, I used something to cover the wounds so the trunks wouldn’t rot and I waited and waited and for a long time nothing happened but I know plants are very strong and sometimes need a lot of time to do what they have to do and after a few months I noticed new life, yeuhhh !!!! The leafs are tiny but it has many new shoots so I am happy I made the right choice.



2014091014herfst 002




2014091014herfst 003

Have a great week all and don’t be afraid to experiment with a plant ! Thanks for visiting my blog !

6 thoughts on “AN EXPERIMENT

  1. Yuccas are very tough plants and yours looks as though it is going to make it. I cut mine back quite hard as they go leggy otherwise. Being in the tropics they grow like mad

  2. My avocado plant lost all its leaves last winter, but I put it outside hopefully in the spring, and it grew a new shoot. I just brought it in again, so we’ll see how it fares this winter.

    • plants just love to spent some time outdoors, you can see they look better, I try to take as many as I can outdoors for Summer, only the ones who need very little water like my cacti, cos we can get a lot of rain on a summerday

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