I have a few very easy houseplants in my collection I want to show you and tell you about, it might give you a few ideas ? The first one is the blue fern or phlebodium pseudoaureum.

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20142911ijzervaren 005

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The plant has a nice blue-silver leaf colour and it is easy and tough as old boots ! It purifies the air in the room, it is cheap, you can use it for flower arrangements and in bouquets. Home is  tropical South America.

How do you care for it : don’t be scared it is easier then this !

-it likes a light place but very little sun

-use soil that retains water (you can add a few waterretaining granules)

-it doesn’t like too wet but you can’t let it dry completely (you can use a pot with a water reservoir if you are not good in watering plants)

-let it drink water with its roots, put it once a week in a pot with water and let it suck up the water, let it drain and then you can put it back

-give it cooked water( cold please !)

-give it fresh soil and a bigger pot every year as it grows fast

– do not let temperature drop under 13 C°/55,4 F

This plant is ideal for a hall, a bedroom or a bathroom, you can put it in the livingroom of course but not too close to the heating

Now this may seem hard work but these are the ideal circumstances for this plant but….I bought my plant, put it in an overpot, give it water once in a while, never had food so far and it is still growing like mad and beautiful as the day I bought it only bigger, so I think I can tell from experience that it is easy and tough and not to forget :BEAUTIFUL !!!

TIPS for the not so greentumbed-and-easily-forget-to-water-plants ; water retaining granules are the max, they suck up a lot of water and the plants takes the water when it needs it, pots with water reservoirs are easy to use, you fill the reservoir with water and your plant can go a long time without watering and you can see when you need to refill the reservoir, then there are gadgets on the market that whistles as soon as the soil in your pot it too dry.

Have a great weekend all and start filling your home with beautiful and easy to look after plants, it is good for your health !