Here’s a picture of  Ozzy, my little gardenhelper, smelling like roses cos he just came from the hairdresser, not for long though, he hates smelling nice….we adopted him last year and I wouldn’t miss him for anything in the world !

20141711ozzy kapper 004

11 thoughts on “SMELLING OF ROSES

  1. Awww. Our hearts melt looking into his beautiful eyes. So happy and tickled to hear your rescued him from such barbarian people!! He looks like a sweet intelligent fellow.
    Odie wants to give him a thousand hugs through the matrix.
    Glad to see you have a four legged companion while you tend to your green friends.
    Hugs. O and om

    • He always has this look in his eyes, Ozzy is a Spanish rescued dog from the streets, he was almost death when they found him, poor boy, nobody knows his past and somebody cut his whole tail off !!!! In Spain they are very cruel to dogs and cats,REALLY VERY CRUEL !!!!!!

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