I did some more Christmas decoration this weekend, my 5 year old granddaughter “redecorated” almost everything she could get her hands on, she has so many toys here but she can’t keep her hands off my home decoration, so when she is gone I have to re-arrange everything again. I think she is going to be an interior decorator when she grows up ! 😀

2014kerst0912 004

2014kerst0912 005

2014kerst0912 006

2014kerst0912 007

2014kerst0912 008

Now I am ready for Christmas, are you ? I hope you’ll all enjoy the end of this year !!!



7 thoughts on “MORE DECORATION

  1. Beautiful decorations. I think grandchildren the world over do the same thing. It’s sometimes surprising to see the results of their stylings.

  2. Beautiful Gwennie, my grand daughter does the same thing. She takes the ornaments off the trees to pretend like they are toys for her stuffed animals. But, she promises to return them when she’s done playing. 🎄

  3. Lovely 🙂
    My kiddies (now 16 & 14) are no longer the cause of decoration disturbance, but my one dog (not the Shepherd) the Dachshund, Mojo eyes everything – even the non-ebible stuffed Xmas animals -like candy. So Christmas arranging is done with height in mind.
    AnnMarie 🙂

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