I could not believe my eyes this morning when I opened the curtains, snow ! I hate it !!! We have to travel this afternoon and the roads are slippery. Here in Belgium we don’t get snow that often so a little bit of snow brings huge chaos on the roads.

20142712sneeuwbis 001

20142712sneeuwbis 002

20142712sneeuwbis 003

It is pretty but not for long, at the moment it is melting but it is still snowing, more snow is predicted and the worst is that the temperatures are going to drop below C° which means ice on the roads…..I am holding my heart for this afternoon !

I hope you are all enjoying your day !

12 thoughts on “SURPRISE !

  1. Gwennie — I’m so with you when it comes to snow. It looks serene for about five minutes, especially when everything is first dusted. After that, it’s all downhill — although, it does provide benefits for the garden.

    • I know it is better for the garden that when the temps drop dramatically, the garden is covered with a layer of snow but I have 2 little dogs who need their little walks and outside every step is dangerous cos now part of the snow melted, then at night there is frost again and you get pure ice and as we don’t have this situation often we are not equiped with the right machines to make the footpaths clean and free of ice, only the town center is clean but we don’t live in the center so….I want to go into wintersleeeeeep!!!!! !!!!!!!

  2. Hi Gwen!
    Remember when I was asking you last week if you get snow where you are.?? Well, my my!! It looks like we both got the answer. It looks lovely on the pics. Hopefully it wasn’t too much of a trouble for your driving.
    Happy snowing Xmas. I hope your last day s of the year are beautiful with the snow.
    O and om.

    • It is beautiful yes BUT……now the temperatures have dropped far below 0C°, when that is the case I always worry about my plants in the garden, will they make it trough Winter or not… me, I stay close to our fireplace !!!!
      hughs to you and odie too !

  3. Here I Melbourne it never snows, so I have a very romantic attitude to snow. I looked at your photos and thought “How lovely! How pretty!”, never thinking about the melting slush and the worries on the road.

    • Oh yes, I can well imagine how lovely snow must be for you, especially when it is hot, and it is pretty ! I would have loved to take more pictures but I am recovering from a bad cold so I stay in but this afternoon we were on a special mission of which I will tell in my next blogpost.

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