As there is not much gardening to do at the moment I want to look back to the good times when we could garden and be outside enjoying the flowers and the sun.

20141903lente 015

20142102lente 001

20140504tuin 068

20142104seringenbis 003

20142504clematis 001

20141705tuin 013

20141005communie sterre 001

20140806tuin 005

23juni2012 001

20140907tuin 005

20141707tuin 018

20141707tuin 001

20142607tuin 001

20142607tuin 001

20141707tuin 006

20142607tuin 009

2140709TUIN 036

20140209herfst 036

20140209herfst 024

2140709TUIN 029

2014091014herfst 001

20142010tuin 052

20141711ozzy kapper 001

Have a great  Sunday all and thanks for stopping by !

13 thoughts on “2014 IN PICTURES

    • that “orange” rose is called “yellow david austin”, she starts as light yellow, then darkens and ends light orange and smells like freesia’s ! it’s a really lovely rose !

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