When I opened my curtains last Friday I  saw this :

20150102sneeuw 002

And I thought oh no, not again !!!

20150102sneeuw 004

And then yesterday again !!!

20150102sneeuw 005

And today more of the same !

20150102sneeuw 006

It is February now and I want SPRING !!!! But the weatherforecast says Winter is not over yet and there is more snow on the way….

Oh well, I live in hope…

Where ever you live keep warm or cool ok !

27 thoughts on “OH NO ! NOT AGAIN ! AND AGAIN !

  1. Your garden is beautiful with the snow. I am jealous! Not just because we did not get any snow here, but there is no snowpack in the mountains, to supply water for the upcoming summer. Winter is not done yet, but another very dry summer appears to be on the horizon.
    I suppose that humans are never really satisfied. It always appears that someone else has it better – or something like that.

  2. It looks pretty! We still haven’t had any snow in southern UK other than a very light sprinkling last week. None is forecast for this week and the weather is feeling milder – not mild enough but I guess that is me being churlish!

    • Oh but it is the same here, during the day the snow melts a bit but then in the evening it starts freezing, I couldn’t even open the doors of my car this morning as they were frozen ! the roads are slippery and not only the roads ! give me Summer any time !

  3. we are loving the long shots in your garden, as we’ve been trying to piece together its entirely since we first laid eyes on parts of it in your blog.
    how big is it? seems so vast from afar. acres and acres of lovely everything.

    amazing snow pics. we got snow too. about three times as much. but we are used to it over here in the midwest. were you surprised to get so much where you are? how are your green budding plants feeling about it all? and how are you doing?

    pardon us for asking so many questions, but cats are curious, arent they?
    we can’t help it…

    o and om.

    • Tthe piece of land we built our house on is about 900 square meters but the actual garden isn’t that big as all the buildings (house, garage, birdhouse, aviaries, greenhouse) take a lot of space, I hope I can get more complete pictures in Summer.
      we get snow here but not that often and a little bit brings chaos to the roads, I hate it ! but my buds outside can handle it very well as all I have is winterhardy, the other plants are inside. don’t mind you asking so ask away, hugs to you and sweet odie !

      • Oh no, the birdhouse is not tasty, it is not mine but my husbands, there he breeds his birds, also the aviaries are not tasty as his birds ruin all the plants you put in it, but the birds thats my husbands (over the top)hobby, I take care of the wild birds who come to our garden, birds are made to fly not to be kept in prison !!!

      • What kind of birds does he create? I agree birds should be free. Odie like them best when he sees them playing outside the front window in our large pine tree.
        Hugs, O and om 🐱

      • he only breeds canaries and he goes to exhibitions with them and he is a birdinspector (all hobby) and he writes articles about birds and he writes a whole birdmagasine all by himself and does the photo’s etc etc….all hobby !!!

  4. Your garden is so lovely in the snow! It is good to see a dusting, and not feet of it piling up waiting for you to shovel it away. I hope you’re warm and dry, snuggled up with a cup of tea and a good book 😉

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