10 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

  1. So beautiful! I planted some of those a couple of years ago, but I don’t think they were getting enough light, so they died. I also am not really a “green thumb” kind of person either so that probably had a lot to do with it. 😉

    • well cyclamen are not the easiest of plants, they need acid soil and a lot of moist and not too much sun, if you can’t give them that well they will die…..I think not enough information is given when you buy plants ! but that is because they want to sell more !

      • I agree with you about not enough information being given with plants! I even read about everything I planted in books before I bought them. The spot I planted them got lots sun, but I think the soil is not the greatest around here and I don’t have the time or money to get it to where it needs to be to grow certain things, you know? We are just renting anyway. 🙂

      • you can make te best soil yourself for free ! it is called compost(made from fruitpeels or rotten fruit and the parts of the veggies you don’t eat, raw not cooked !!!!), you can look it up on the net, if you need accid soil you take ordinary soil from your garden and add a bit of chopped conifer or the needles of pine trees and voilà !

    • Cyclamen grow from little rhizomes, and die back as a part of their growth cycle. They go dormant for some part of each year. They aren’t dead, just resting. Your plants may not have actually died, but without that information on the tag, you would have no way of knowing if Cyclamen are new to you. Cyclamen also like to be cool and won’t do well in heat or humidity. I grow them in my kitchen windows in the winter time, where they are very happy. I always grow Cyclamen in pots with potting soil and feed them with dilute orchid food. Once the leaves begin to die back I just move the plant into a holding area and keep the soil barely moist. New growth will signal you to begin watering and feeding again, and to bring them back to a brighter spot. Good luck! These are such pretty plants, and really pretty easy once you know what they need. WG

      • Yeah, I knew they go dormant. But mine haven’t come back and it has been two years. Sounds like you have a lot of experience with them. I don’t have any window sills big enough for potted plants. 🙂

      • So sorry your little guys didn’t come back. I’ve grown Cyclamen for a long time, and some pots of them do better than others. One thing we really liked about this house is its tile windowsills. They are only the width of a standard tile, but that allows for narrow pots. Once the little guys need re-potting to something wider, it is a challenge to site Cyclamen indoors. 😉

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