67 thoughts on “SORRY

  1. Oh, Gwennie! I’m so sorry to hear about your fall. Take time to heal, so that you will feel good as new. Wishing you a complete recovery, Gwennie! ♡

  2. Sorry to hear about it. I wish you a best of recovery. It happened to me, indoors, years ago, a compound fracture (and complicated by MRSA). But I recovered completely as good as new. Never fear, just give it time.

  3. Sorry to hear about your injury. I started to follow your blog, looks lovely. I wish you a good recovery.

    • it happened so quickly and it was all so odd and i think that i was lucky, it could have benb a lot worse, you should see my face !!! i fell on pots filled with succulents, immagine if they had been cacti !!!!

    • working in the garden is always a risk but in my wildest dreams i couln’t have imagined such a complicated fall as i am always so carefull but my grandkids were there and i fell over a small wheel of a toddlers bike….

      • Sometimes highly unspectacular movements lead to highly complicated injuries. My mom’s slippers’ strap tore, she fell to her knees for a moment – and voilá, a right patella fracture was created!
        But: you can improve your family members’ gardening skills and practise organisation, team management, etc.!

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