For those who want to know about my broken wrist : the cast has been removed a few days ago after 7 weeks !! as the pain never went away I had a bad feeling about it, after it was removed it was really sore  and still swollen but I was told it was normal as my hand had been in a “funny” position all the time. So now I need to go to physio 20 times ! I still can’t do much but it gets better every day, I look forward to the day I can drive my car again and lift heavy things like the big pots in my garden….and I have a lot of weeding to do !!!! I now have a lot of respect for all people who have broken one or more bones !

Have a great weekend all !


20 thoughts on “UPDATE ON MY WRIST

      • Hey hey hey..
        Well the guy being there makes things better, doesn’t it.
        Sorry that wrist hasn’t snapped right back into place, to use an appropriate metaphor. But keep working and praying. That’s what I’m doing. I myself had a perfectly good tooth (with a minor cavity) that a bad dentist filled wrong – 9 visits to five more dentists, and three different fillings later… And it’s still off when I chew. Was told I might now need a root canal. But I’m asking for higher power, and patience to receive it, in addition to the efforts i can make myself in this limited human body.
        Let us pray for both of our returns to pain free living!!
        With your health in our hearts,
        O and om 🐱

      • I’m going to wait til the end of the month to see. It still hurts somewhat. Here’s hoping it continues to improve.. I think it’s getting better. It’s hard to tell. Might never been pain free, so I have to decide what I can tolerate. Don’t want to get the root canal. They weaken teeth.
        Thanks for checking on me.
        o and om.
        Have great weekend 🙂

  1. Oh, Gwennie! Your broken wrist is taking such a long time to heal. Hope the physical therapy will make it 100%. Think positive thoughts!! ♡

    • thanks ! I will try to think positive, I know this is just a broken wrist and there are worse things in life but both my parents were very negative thinking people so ….. 😀

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