PACHYSANDRA !if you want to use this plant then lock it up in a place where it can’t escape, it’s as bad as some bamboo’s, it is a nice and evergreen groundcover and after 3 years you have no more weeds growing between the pachysandra but…if you ever want to get rid of it you need a lot of muscle, a lot of time and a lot of patience

BAMBOO ! before you plant bamboo ask the plantcenter or google to see if it is a rampant bamboo, most are, only a few are not, shoots can come up meters away from the motherplant, they come through concrete and can easily destroy your pond !!! Beautiful plant but think hard before you plant it in your garden, it could get you into trouble with your neighbours too.There are special materials to keep it locked up safe.

CUPRESSOCYPARIS LEYLANDII ! A conifer used to make hedges, it grows terribly fast, 50 cm in height and  50 cm wide per year and up to 30 meters in the end, gives you privacy in a short time but your neighbours are not going to be impressed !In England some people were killed by a neighbour during an argument about the leylandii being too high and taking away all the sunlight and the moist in the garden of the neighbours.

CACTI AND SUCCULENTS !Before you know it you’ll be addicted to them and you’ll want to have more and more and more….

TICKS ! Always look out for ticks, they can kill you !How to remove them easily ? with liquid handsoap and cottonwool, put the handsoap on the tick then cover with some cotton wool, wait for 30 seconds and the tick will be in the soap, always contact your doctor afterwards and show him the tick as there are several different sorts. Inspect your children daily in Summer and teach them about ticks !

SUCCULENTS AND CACTI ! Succulents need to be watered more often than cacti ! But don’t give them too much , just water them more often.

INDIAN MOCK STRAWBERRY ! Also known as duchesna indica and potentilla indica, good groundcover for area’s with only bushes and tree’s, it will suffocate  all other weeds but it will overgrow and kill all your plants  and bushes smaller than 50 cm high!! Blooms from April till October and gets strawberry-like berries who have no taste, they are just decoration.

30 thoughts on “BEWARE !!!!

  1. I truly appreciate your warnings. I have my share of invasive plants that were so cute when they began. The more I garden, the more wary I am. Live and learn, right?

  2. I love Cacti too…I don’t have the right light where I live now. I used to have a wonderful bay window with a lot of cactus, but I had to give most of them away. 😦 I miss them. 😦

    • I can well imagine you miss them ! I had to give my collection away when my first son was born as I had several with large spines, now I have chosen for cacti with spines that don’t hurt or break off easily cos of the grandchildren and I tell them to be really careful, my granddaughter is interested in them, my grandson not so.
      But they need light otherwise they grow leggy and out of shape, maybe in your next house or flat you’ll be able to have cacti again !

  3. I like the final one: CACTI AND SUCCULENTS ! Before you know it you’ll be addicted to them and you’ll want to have more and more and more….

    yes, I am addicted to them, i talk to them, i play songs for them…

    thanks for your tips. i will take good care of my cacti family 🙂

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  5. ah ha – yes – naughty Monet – he planted bamboo to the horror of the residents of Giverny – and now (they were correct to be mad) his blasted bamboo is all over Giverny.

  6. Dear Gwen, thank you for stopping by @ my blog – I surely enjoyed visiting your lovingly kept blog! I am not a gardener (though I do have a garden) but my grandfather was – and he instilled in me a love of all words botanical which seeps into every single work of fiction I have ever written. I do love flowers and I have a strange collection of plants growing on my kitchen windowsill as I welcome plant travelers lie dandelions stopping by for the season with the wind and establishing themselves in the potting soil of my two orchid plants (someone gave those me as a birthday gift once despite my warnings that plants wouldn’t choose me as their caretaker if they could). Strangely enough, the only time these orchids ever bear flowers is when they have one of these stray annual visitors with them … I will stop by and enjoy your writing on botanical topics! Thank again! Kristina

  7. Gwennie, Thanks for liking my blog (crafthatchery)! I grow pachysandra under my two HUGE spruce trees and it has still not spread as much as I would like it to. However, it is the only thing that seems to grow under there, so I’m happy about that. –Mary (crafthatcher)

    • Thanks for your comment. I think nothing grows under huge spruce tree’s, they make the soil too accid. But when a plant has the right conditions it can rapidly spread, my pachysandra was and still is a nightmare as it contines to pop up everywhere !!!

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