I live in Belgium and the countries I have visited so far are :


the netherlands













usa east coast

costa rica






Beautiful tiny country, if you can call it that cos it is a mini state as big as a city, we visited only the exotic garden (le jardin exotique de Monaco) a gem ! They do not have a king or a president, they have a prince, at the moment it is prince Albert 1.

20132509monaco 055


  1. Wow, I’d be the most happiest guy on earth had i been to all the countries you did!!
    Might have been fantastic for you…
    Which country would you like to visit again? or is closest to your heart.

  2. How nice that you love to travel! Where abouts in Spain were you? I am in Andalucia, right down in the south. Glad to have found your blog, thanks for stopping by mine! 🙂

    • I have been many times in La Escala in the North as a child but afterwards we went to a small town near Benidorm and I have been to Murcia and Gata de Gorgos and Figueras and others, I just love Spain !

  3. Thankyou for visiting Daily Doodles! You take a good photograph and certainly have an artistic eye for colour 🙂 I have a substantial garden, but alas not enough hours in the day to give it as much attention as I would like, hence it is currently somewhat messy and in need of some TLC. Perhaps once the children are a little older I will have more time!

  4. Hi! Thanks for liking my post 🙂
    Wow, you’ve been to so many places. I am so totally a ‘brown thumb’ when it comes to plants, but I like looking at plants and flowers. I so admire people like you who can grow plants know a lot about it too! It shows how nurturing you are!

  5. Thanks for liking my post. The blog is new – I never expected anybody would see it! I’ve only just started my drawing course so not much to see at present. I like your idea of putting up photos of the countries you have visited – nice. Thanks. Pauline

  6. Hi
    Thanks for visiting my wordpress blog – a pleasant surprise since it’s still under construction. 🙂
    I love plants and gardening too. Once upon a time I had a gardening blog (Sensational Succulents), but I have stopped updating it now. There’s just too much to do, but I am still gardening – succulents and a little veg for my own consumption.

  7. Thank you for liking my first post of a Zen drawing. Please come to Australia some time, because it is spring all year and cacti love it here. It is a long way to travel but well worth it!
    Cheers, Christine 🙂

    • It is on my list of countries to visit ! And I hope that one day I will be able to vist Australia, I always envy Australians for the good weather they have and for the beautiful nature you guys live in ! I follw some garden bloggers from Australia and they have such BEAUTIFUL flowers !!!!

  8. Hi , Thank you for finding and liking my Doodle post on my Crafting Blog . I read that you were going on a Zentangle course ,How was it ? i hope you enjoyed it .I love creating although I don’t have green fingers and so create with my art I want to get into understanding more about the Zentangle idea, I think the idea is fascinating.I love the photos of the places you have visited .You have not been to Portugal ? I can recommend Central Portugal , it is very green unspoilt and natural. I was surprised when i discovered it 7 years ago ( i guess i thought of Portugal as being the ALgarve and golf courses ) I am forever walking and photographing nature here .I will be looking at some more of your posts , especially with Spring around the corner . I love Spring, with all the flowers and new growth . Happy planting ! Sharon

    • Hi ! The zentangle course was fun but it was just an initiation of 2 hours, I do want to go back for more. I am a painter and I work with oil paint but right now I don’t have the time for painting so this zentangilng is something I can do while I have only half an hour or so.
      Portugal is definitely on my list of countries to visit !
      I love Spring but my favorite time of the year is early Summer, unfortunately we haven’t had a real Summer for years now !!! The weather is changing dramatically and not for the better !
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment.
      greetings from a cold, misty and wet Belgium !

  9. Thank you for liking my puppy pencil sketch. Like other people who have commented before me, I enjoyed looking at the photos of the countries you have visited. Your recent post about the big freeze makes me glad spring is coming. Good luck with your gardening this year. 🙂

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your visits to my site, and the likes. Your pictures of the places you visited are wonderful. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited some of them also…Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. I traveled to Ireland this summer, and Iwould love to go back again.

    • I have only recently discovered zentangle and I love it so that why I love to visit your site. I have a zentangle course on January 12 th, there is just 1 ctz teacher in Belgium and she lives in the next village ! how ‘s that for luck !? I am very much lookng forward to it !

  11. Thank you so much for the like on my blog. I loved reading your list of visited countries with photos , and the snow-covered trees in your background makes me quite nostalgic for snow. I always think it is amazing how connected we are all – from Belgium to the West Coast of the U.S. in a flash. Thanks again, Katy

    • I loved your watercolor, I know it is not an easy medium. Personally I prefer oil paint to work with.
      Oh well, we live in a small world ! I’m not so keen on snow, too cold for me !!!

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