I don’t have a lot of blooms at the moment, it is still very much Winter over here and the forecast for the next 2 weeks is not very good, still frosts at night and around 0 C° during the day with some snow or rain, so I am very happy to look at your blogs, some of you have Spring already ! Makes me green with envy but happy at the same time. Of course there are small signs that Spring is comming, I have little green stumps where I planted crocusses, narcissus, muscari, chionodoxa, tulips… and some tree’s and shrubs are getting bigger buds but as the temperatures stay low it is all moving too slowly in the right direction.

The only thing that is blooming (inside my house ofcourse !) is my beautiful begonia  Muddy Waters who has almost black leafs, when the sun is shining through the leafs they are very dark red. The blooms are pink with little dark red freckles, they are small but there are many of them in a cluster. Also the form of the leafs is beautiful, I like looking at it even when it is not in bloom. It’s an easy plant, I have it for many years, it is also easy to propagate by cuttings, I like giving plants away to family, friends and clients, it is my way of making this world a bit greener.

Here are some pictures of my begonia Muddy Waters.

12022013 005

12022013 006

14022013ijsregen 001

14022013ijsregen 002

Have a great weekend all and thanks for stopping by !