This morning I was inspecting some of my indoor plants and I found this :

28032013sanseveria 001

A plant in need of urgent repotting, so I took everything that I needed for the job and I started by removing the plastic pot by cutting it so I wouldn’t damage the roots.

28032013sanseveria 002

I use old fashion coffee filter paper to lay at the bottom of the pot so the water can drain trough the holes but not the soil, on top of the filter paper I put a layer of crocks :

28032013sanseveria 003

I use a new soft painting brush to dust  the plant  off, I have smaller ones for the smaller plants.

28032013sanseveria 006

Here it is in its new larger pot, it has a small pup on the right and on the left is a bigger pup  from last year.

28032013sanseveria 005

And voilà, a happy plant, or so I hope, bathing in the sun, so now it can grow and produce more pups !

28032013sanseveria 007

Have a great day all and thanks for stopping by !