23 thoughts on “TODAY I AM 2 YEARS OLD

  1. I love stopping by and feasting my eyes on your garden posts, so I hope you do keep going! I also notice and appreciate the support you’ve given my blog, I have a friendly feeling whenever I see your icon on my notifications. Happy blog anniversary! from Kate

  2. Happy Blogday to you – that wonderful news. Congratulations on your achievement. I began my blog in February of this year, and I’m learning blogging well takes dedication and effort. So a well-earned congrats again!
    I hope you and your blog have celebratory plans 😉
    AnnMarie 🙂

  3. Happy Blog Birthday!! Stick with it and you’ll have memories to go back to and share! Make backups of your posts when you can. When I first started posting I lost the first year of posts, now I make regular backups by year.

      • It is very time consuming & I had to learn how to start & know when to stop as it can become quite addictive but there are so many advantages that come with it… for first your horizons widen, your writing is more polished & by following many photographers my photography stepped up to a totally different level so, all in all I’m glad I persevered 🙂

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